Idan’s First Day of School – Over the Rainbow

Idan first day.Since Idan was first born, one of our nightly routines has been to sing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” This song took on new meaning when Idan was first diagnosed. What began as a soothing lullaby became a nightly plea. “Some days I wish upon a star, I’ll wake up where the clouds are far behind me…” building up to the crescendo, “if happy little blue birds fly beyond the rainbow, why, then oh why, can’t I?” There were nights when I couldn’t bring myself to finish the song, my voice cracking on the line “somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue, and the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true.” Nights when Idan’s voice rang out loud, echoing my call for better days, yearning to soar above the rainbow after so many cloudy nights.

Today, we flew right over that rainbow, and the dreams we dared to dream really did come true.

Today, Idan had his first day of Kindergarten. Today, Idan had his first day of participating in the most normal and routine activity that all other kids his age get to experience. Idan had been very worried and afraid of this new experience. It’s no wonder, as he spent most of his life in isolation, avoiding other kids at any cost. We spent the summer getting him used to other kids and the world around him. Robofun camp, soccer, and play dates all helped, but we still were not sure he was ready. When Akiva picked him up after school today, Idan was all smiles. He had an amazing first day and enjoyed all the new activities. He was even excited to join the other kids and parents for an after school playground meet-up. It was drizzling out, and Idan definitely still has a hard time physically keeping up with kids his age on the Jungle Gym, but he did not want to leave, and stayed and played till everyone was ready to go home.

He may have landed in Oz today, way over the rainbow into Munchkin Land, but it looks like he is finally fitting in.




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