Day 16: C. Diff. Two Steps Forward One Step Back: 

We had this mantra during last transplant and we have shared this with other families going through transplant. The feeling of two steps forward one step back always holds true. After very positive news yesterday, Idan has not been feeling so good today. 
His ANC has held above 500 and they now consider him to be engrafted. We were able to stop his antibiotics IV and another IV med today and are making the right steps towards a possible discharge next week. But his gut had been acting up yesterday and today and that concerned us because it could mean any number of things. He woke up at 5am feeling sick and has had a rough day.

Later on today, after many potty breaks, the results of the stool test came back positive for C. Diff, which is always a risk when you combine a compromised immune system with a long hospital stay and broad spectrum antibiotics. This was of course not what we wanted to hear, but at least we caught it early and know what it is. They started him on antibiotic treatment (Flagyl) tonight and he will take it by mouth 4 times a day for ten days with the hope that it clears his C. Diff. 

Our hope is that it clears quickly and does not cause Idan too much discomfort and suffering.

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