Day 365 – Happy Transplantversary to Idan!

Screen Shot 2017-07-11 at 4.04.21 PMOn this day last year, we were anxiously watching a little IV bag with donor stem cells slowly being drained, wondering if it would bring the cure we so desperately needed for our little boy. It has been quite the journey ever since. Through ups and downs, we never lose sight of how fortunate we are to have made it to each important milestone, but the one-year mark is by far the most significant. If you survive a year after a bone marrow transplant with no major complications, your chances of survival long term (absent rejection, of course) are excellent. Wishing our little Idan a very happy “Transplantversary” today, and spreading some love and joy through this video in hopes of helping other little boys with his disease reach the one-year mark with as much courage, grace, strength, and hope as Idan had during the long but incredible year.

You’ll want to watch this one with sound (please like and share!!!) 🙂 Exactly one year ago, Idan had his second bone marrow transplant to cure his Hyper IgM. Please join us in wishing Idan a very happy Transplantversary!

We are hoping to break last year’s record of over 19,000 views & nearly 600 shares in honor of Idan’s Transplantversary and in support of the Hyper IgM Foundation, which is working tirelessly to improve the lives and long term outlook of children with Hyper IgM. You can help! Like and Share this video, and please consider making a donation to the Hyper IgM Foundation on our website at, or right here on Facebook: Thank you!!

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