Day 18: A really ridiculously good day. 

After an uneventful day yesterday and a very restless night last night, Idan’s ANC shot up from 1546 to 2316 this morning. So far the medication he is taking for his C. Diff seems to be working. He has officially transitioned to oral meds for all his medications (except for nighttime fluids which he will continue to take for several weeks), and we are getting trained for home care. If everything continues to go smoothly over the next few days, we are looking at getting discharged on Tuesday!!  

In the meantime, with Idan’s ANC safely above 500 and his C. Diff at bay, we were allowed a four hour break from the hospital today!!! Idan now can be unhooked from his IV for the entire day and he had total freedom today for the first time in such a long time. We went to Magnuson Park and then back to our apartment for playtime. For the past four weeks, we have had a constant buzz around us – people floating in and out of our living space at all hours, machines beeping, footsteps and call lights ringing in the hallway, the hum of the air vent, the frequent opening and closing of cabinet doors when supplies are delivered to the room – so you can imagine the peaceful stillness of entering our quiet apartment with Idan. He played completely uninterrupted by vitals and probing by strangers and did not have to drag a monstrous pole with him every time he wanted to move an inch. 

We are back in the hospital now, but hopefully not for too much longer!

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