Day 6: Another long day, but much improvement.

13681051_1337264952970135_1265469612125622542_nWell, it started out as another rough day, with Idan continuing to suffer with pain, itchiness, and fatigue when all he wanted to do was play. This morning we had a good conversation with the team who noticed right away (without us having to say anything) that, even if the pain was reduced from yesterday, the cocktail definitely needed more adjustment. We changed the dilaudid from one dose every 4 hours to a constant drip, and added a new drug that is supposed to counteract the itchiness that comes with opioids.

By evening, Idan’s mood had lifted substantially and we heard him laugh for the first time in several days. It’s the most beautiful sound. The extreme itchiness seems to have subsided and his skin rash from earlier in the week has also significantly improved.

Idan had his second school session today with another teacher from the community who teaches at the same school as the teacher who came last week. They have coordinated with each other and have already started planning a curriculum for tutoring sessions that are tailored to his interests and skills 🙂. Our heart is full, and we are so grateful to these lovely women who have added some structure, fun and normalcy to his daily routine.

Yes, another long day, but all in all, a good one.

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